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Happy 53rd birthday celebration towards the G.O.A.T, jordan!

From being a billionaire businessman to an NBA legend, Jordan’s history can be measured in money or by victories on judge. These days we honor one of the greatest of them all with 10 of their most motivational quotes and 10 of his nastiest dunks.

10. “To achieve success you should be selfish, if not there is a constant achieve. And once you are free to your highest degree, then you need to be unselfish. Remain reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.”

9. “I’ve never looked over the consequences of missing a large shot…when you consider the effects you always think of bad result.”

8. “I can take failure, everyone fails at anything. But we can’t accept not trying.”

7. “Some individuals want it to happen, some wish it can happen, others make it happen.”

6. “The game has its own downs and ups, you could never lose focus of the individual goals while can’t let yourself be beat due to not enough effort.”

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1. Denzel Washington’s Son John David Washington Is Okay

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2. The image that started the mayhem.

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3. Beard BAE

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4. He got a bawdy.

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5. Yes sir, we’re speaking about you.

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6. Like parent, like boy.

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7. In his factor

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8. Resemble their moms and dads a lot?

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9. Denzel Washington

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10. Denzel Washington

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11. Denzel Washington

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12. Denzel Washington

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Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever ( VS Dominique
Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever ( VS Dominique ...
Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever
Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever
Michael Jordan Best Dunk Ever
Michael Jordan Best Dunk Ever
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