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Michael Jordan baseball card Price Guide

1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan RookieMichael Jordan baseball cards are a handful of of their many undervalued cards into the hobby. Everyone knows their 1986 Fleer rookie card is just one of the great cards of all-time, but individuals often forget that Jordan has many interesting baseball cards being also well worth purchasing. Jordan didn’t set the diamond on fire like he did the baseball courtroom, but he nevertheless realized a thing that only a few professional athletes have ever before done. He played two different professional recreations. Players like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson additionally achieved this, nevertheless when you think about just how few of these players occur, you start to acknowledge exactly what an amazing accomplishment it really is.

When Jordan had been asked what inspired him to relax and play baseball, he quickly recognized it was his parent. Jordan stated that each and every time he drove into ballpark however have a conversation together with dead dad. He described just how he thought he was on a mission and his dad ended up being there with him the entire method. I really believe it just shows simply how much he adored his daddy and what a dramatic result his passing had on Michael.

Let me reveal a summary of the best jordan baseball cards and exactly how much these are typically really worth. We've additionally included some here is how they grade and condition sensitive issues that you ought to know of before making a purchase.

1991 Upper Deck #SP1

That is an original brief printed card of jordan playing baseball in 1991. This might be Jordan’s first baseball card and interesting within the proven fact that it particular predicted the long run. Jordan was only using batting rehearse when you look at the image and still had been playing for the Chicago Bulls at that time. This card was also made before their father’s death.

These Jordan cards offer for around $5 ungraded while treasure mint 10 variations can offer for about $75. A reasonable cost for an amazing card.

1994 Supper Deck Star Rookie #19

Upper Deck made sure to incorporate Michael within their 1994 set. The picture features Jordan chases down a fly ball, sporting their White Sox uniform. A power Diamond parallel had been included which was restricted in production and generally sells for three to four times exactly what the beds base card does. The base card can be bought online for about $4.00, ungraded.

1995 Upper Deck Minors One-on-One Set

Upper Deck saw that Jordan’s baseball cards were certainly getting more and more popular with enthusiasts, so that they developed a small league set. This One-on-One set shows Jordan in various poses playing for Birmingham Barons minor league group. These Michael Jordan baseball cards offer for approximately $3 ungraded whilst jewel mint 10’s offer for $25-$30.

1995 Upper Deck #200 with Harry Carry

This might be outstanding card for just about any Cubs fan. The baseball card reveals Jordan features a job interview using the famous Harry Carey, the long-time Cubs Broadcaster. These cards sell just for $2-$3 helping to make them one of is own most undervalued cards.

1994 Enthusiasts Possibility #661

Collector’s possibility had various different cards which they released of Michael in 1994. This card sells for $15 in mint 9 condition while jewel mint 10’s offer for around $40. A Silver Signature parallel of Jordan was also created and is a hardcore pull because they had been randomly placed into packs.

Michael Jordan is always recalled among the best baseball people ever before to play the game rather than while the best baseball player. With that said, one could only have many respect for exactly how Jordan attemptedto perform some impossible. He had beenn’t afraid to use one thing brand-new and stretch their comfort zone.

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