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Michael Jordan Basketball cards for Sale

top Most Expensive Michael Jordan CardsBGS 10 jordan 86-87 Fleer Basketball Card

BGS 10 is a rating from Beckett Grading Services. This will be an autographed Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer Basketball card in perfect condition that marketed for $100, 000 in 2013. Just three cards, regarding 5, 500 submissions for grading, obtained the most truly effective rating from Beckett Grading. Relating to ESPN, cards will need to have no rough sides, printing spots, or any other defects for the most truly effective score.

Autographed Jordan Rookie Card

Autographed Michael Jordan Rookie cards from 1986-87 tend to be one of the most valuable collectibles around. There are numerous obtainable in the secondary marketplace. Original, autographed cards in good shape have offered before for just as much as five figures.

84-85 Star Jordan XRC

The 84-85 Michael Jordan celebrity Co XRC card is certainly not Jordan's novice card in terms of the market, although it precedes rookie cards for two years. Nonetheless, it really is a favorite card, which is why need and availability remain on the rise.

03-04 Upper Deck Jordan Die-cut All Star Purchase Back Autograph

Autographed jordan Die Cut cards can be found by way of Upper Deck. The business purchased the cards within the additional marketplace, requested Jordan to signal all of them, which is attempting to sell them both in packs and as singles.

93-94 Fleer Ultra Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

The 93-94 jordan Scoring Kings Fleer Ultra is an uncommon and beautiful card. It features a lightning bolt around Jordan, making use of a foil place and a post-shot image. Its effective design tends to make this unique card a popular with collectors.


92-93 Fleer Michael Jordan Total D

The 92-93 Michael Jordan Total D Fleer features one of the very first inserts into the history of Jordan cards. Fleer developed the card to commemorate the ball player's protective abilities. With an old-school appeal, this card are a great addition to any Jordan collection.

94-95 Topps Finest Jordan Refractor

This uncommon card functions Jordan wearing their quantity 45 jersey and contains an attractive, light-refracting layer. 45 had been both Jordan's baseball number and his brother Larry's basketball number, so it had great value for Jordan. Because he only wore that jersey for a half season, there was a restricted quantity of 94-95 Topps Jordan Refractor cards, increasing its rarity.


98-99 SkyBox Thunder Noyz Boyz Jordan

The 98-99 SkyBox Thunder Noyz Boyz Jordan card is incredibly uncommon. With a ratio of 1 per 4, 500 packs, it's among toughest to find. Due to the rareness, it offers often offered for more than 1, 000 bucks.

03-04 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Die-cut All Star

Die Cut Michael Jordan cards from the 90's are among the most popular, plus the 03-04 Upper Deck Die Cut All Star card reproduces the look associated with the 94-95 SE Upper Deck set. This unusual and preferred card shows Jordan having fun with the all-star group.


87-88 Fleer 2nd Year Jordan

eBay provides an array of jordan cards from reputable sellers. Often offered with grading official certification, these bits of baseball memorabilia have already been rising in expense for many years. Simply enter some keywords into eBay's search bar to find the items of your choice.
Michael Jordan cards tend to be a classic. Many of them have actually beautiful designs, like refractor versions plus the lightning bolt cards. Autographs can make all of them really valuable, but rarity in addition plays a key part. Cards that have the top grading ratings from Beckett Grading will be the best.

The Top Michael Jordan Autographed Basketball Cards
The Top Michael Jordan Autographed Basketball Cards
Basketball Cards For Sell Auto Jersey Rose Jordan Pippen
Basketball Cards For Sell Auto Jersey Rose Jordan Pippen ...
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