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Nike Soccerwhenever World Figure Skating Championships begin in Boston in 2 weeks, more than 10 years have passed away since the final time a U.S. girl stood on an individual Olympic or Worlds podium.

It will be the longest American drought since the first Winter Games in 1924, in arguably the marquee event associated with Winter Olympics.

For fourth straight 12 months, both Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold are tasked with responding to issue — is it the full time a U.S. girl returns on podium?

“The first thing that people need certainly to stop and take a good look at is exactly how acutely competitive the international scene has gotten, ” Wagner answered Thursday. “i believe that everybody is really so quick to express the U.S. females aren’t adequate. The U.S. females only aren’t what they had previously been. I don’t think that that is necessarily the situation. I’m perhaps not saying that I’m Michelle Kwan, but simultaneously I think that the U.S. has really skilled professional athletes.

“Internationally, I think we're witnessing a competitive scene that people have not had to rise against prior to. The Russians tend to be powerful. The Japanese are strong. … The field has just changed so significantly because the ’90s, because the early 2000s.”

Nike SoccerRussia may be the world-power in women’s skating that the U.S. was previously, cycling through champ skaters the final three-years.

Four various Russian women made an Olympic or Worlds podium through the fall for the Soviet Union through 2011. Four different Russian ladies made an Olympic or Worlds podium in 2014 and 2015. And only one of those is about this year’s three-woman Worlds group.

Beginning with Shizuka Arakawa at 2006 Olympics, seven different Japanese females have finished in the podium at Worlds or the Olympics. Before 2006, four different Japanese women had done so.

Wagner, 24 and a three-time U.S. champion, completed from the podium three of this last four many years at the second-biggest yearly competition — the Grand Prix Final.

But during the final four globes therefore the 2014 Olympics, the woman finishes have already been 4th, fifth, seventh, 7th and 5th.

And she was 3rd within U.S. Championships in January, behind Gold additionally the 3rd person in the U.S. group for Worlds — Polina Edmunds. Wagner called the final a blessing in disguise, that she thrives when you look at the underdog role.

“i've offered countless among these reactions rather than in fact skated upon it, ” she said. “But i truly do feel just like i'm prepared. I feel peaceful. I'm confident, plus it’s just time to go do the job. I think the sleep will belong to place. I believe this is the 12 months when we’re going to do it [make the podium], this would provide us with some very nice energy into the recreation.”

Gold, 20 and a two-time U.S. champion, has eight times competed individually across the Olympics, Worlds, Grand Prix Final and Four Continents Championships. She's done between 4th and 6th place each and every time.

Gold was expected if she’s confident she's going to leave Worlds with a medal.

“I’m confident that I’m going to skate two really amazing programs, ” said Gold, who has struggled to lay down back-to-back clean programs in her four seasons as a senior skater. “i'll state that I would personally be disappointed if Boston does not go the way in which I hope, which will be a medal or beginning.”

U.S. skaters have actually a home-ice advantage at Worlds the very first time since 2009 in two weeks, nonetheless they may require various other skaters to falter to have a shot on podium.

Source: olympics.nbcsports.com
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