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Michael Jordan high heels shoes

high-heel sneakersOne associated with questions our company is forever becoming asked is “do Nike make high-heeled shoes?” We're additionally regularly requested whether shoes for instance the ones pictured above tend to be legitimate Nike products or fakes.

As Nike your back heel concern appears to be an ongoing hot topic we chose to ask the brand name it self whether or not they create high-heel footwear.

The clear answer we got recently from a Nike representative had been very clear: Nike usually do not make high heels. Furthermore, unlike some other sportswear companies eg Adidas which sporadically make high-heeled shoes, Nike haven't made your back heel shoes or footwear of any kind.

And at present obtained no intention of accomplishing so, although if customer demand is large they could consider heading down that avenue one day.

The full type of the answer we got from Nike ended up being below:

Nike/Jordan will not produce any your back heel models, nor has actually either Brand in past times produced any your back heel designs. In terms of future customers, we’re always enjoying consumer feedback therefore we model our policies, procedures, and item lineups to this end.

When we see need for Nike/Jordan high heel pumps is high, that’s one thing we would start thinking about creating later on.

So, currently, Nike doesn’t do high heel shoes. This means that each and every tale you notice online about a unique, one-off Nike high-heel, and each shop the truth is purporting to market Nike high heel shoes just isn't selling genuine products.

To spell it out: the Nike Jordan high heel shoes tend to be artificial, the Nike Dunk high heels are phony, the Nike Air power 1 high heels tend to be fake… really, you can get the picture.

Nike says it's aware of counterfeit services and products on the market and is working towards eliminating this dilemma. The brand name also says that because there is not merely one specific solution to inform you if a product you have bought from an unauthorized retailer is authentic or perhaps not, it is incapable of advise or help consumers with specific questions regarding something these have purchased.

Nike in addition released a release about some of these fakes on its web site having said that:

Any Nike Air power 1 high-heeled, Gucci or Burberry shoes you see are not genuine Nike services and products. Nike doesn't have intends to make some of these styles for sale in the near future.

Until 2012, there is good news for lovers of high heels and Nikes. That news had been that NIKE, Inc (which is the owner of the Nike brand) in addition possessed the Cole Haan brand. Cole Haan produced a variety of high heel pumps that used the Nike AIR technology.

The footwear included these 4.3 inches Chelsea pumps (pictured above) which have Nike AIR technology within the forefoot and heel for comfort. These pumps had been once readily available for $298 from Cole Haan.

However, in November 2012 Nike revealed that it had sold Cole Haan to personal equity team Apax Partners for $570 million. The exchange, which completed in 2013, was designed to free Nike around do exactly what it does best – produce and marketplace activities shoes not pumps.

While Cole Haan continued to use Nike technology with its footwear during a change duration, it does not appear that any heels now offered by Cole Haan have Nike AIR technology in them.

One final point must certanly be made on this topic: this article can be involved with if Nike has actually ever made real high heels (ie thin, spiky things). Nike does do a concealed wedge “heel” on its women’s Dunk sneaker, but that is another thing completely.

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