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Jordan GellerJordan Michael Geller is a person obsessed. His obsession has actually resulted in amassing the world’s biggest number of Nike shoes, and he’ll soon be sharing his record-smashing collection in a fresh “ShoeZeum” at Neonopolis in downtown Las vegas, nevada.

The ShoeZeum is expected to open by work Day week-end (Sep. 1, 2012), and will take-up a dumbfounding 7, 500 sqft when you look at the long-vacant room previously occupied by Jillian’s, a restaurant, arcade, club and songs place.

We got an exclusive peek on brand-new museum area and chatted up Geller about his astonishing collection.

For beginners, the museum will feature significantly more than 2, 500 sets of footwear. The collection is so huge, indeed, maps are offered to guests to obtain the most from their visit. The ShoeZeum should be divided into 23 distinct displays.

An automatically-this-blog’s-favorite Las vegas, nevada area, for instance, includes such things as Nike Dunks empowered by UNLV (University of Nevada, Las vegas, nevada) alongside shoes inspired by playing cards.

Nike ShoeZeum

Another display are going to be specialized in footwear in line with the theme of beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. Perhaps additionally our favorite. Choices, decisions.

The collection includes footwear impressed by snacks, “The Ugly Duckling, ” the Muppets, the north park zoo, hemp, every possible getaway (Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Valentine’s Day one of them), water World, comic publications, wild birds, flowers and just about anything else imaginable.

Speak with Jordan Geller for a few minutes, and your mind will reel at his encyclopedic knowledge of Nike culture and history. He’s not affiliated with Nike, he’s just kind of crazy-enthusiastic about their shoes.

“I’m the biggest shoe geek in the world, ” admits Geller.

In some instances, you’d believe Geller is speaking another language, particularly when he rattles off such things as, “We’ve got classic waffles from the ’70s, the atmosphere Max 1, Light and Stab and 90, Hyperdunks, Huaraches and Flight 89s.” We’re not entirely certain just how he meets all of this into their head, nonetheless it’s endlessly interesting, and we’re not even a “sneakerhead” (the name directed at severe sneaker lovers).

Probably the easiest way to get the Jordan Geller experience is always to notice it for action. Right here, he gives a tour of this ShoeZeum at its former location in hillcrest. Fair caution: There’s a 41per cent possibility your head will ‘splode.

Nike playing cardHere’s another great video associated with the attraction becoming packed up for the move to vegas, and another video showing where the footwear were kept through the change toward brand new ShoeZeum. Let’s simply state Geller is quite, um, meticulous. (interpretation: It’s like an episode of “Hoarders, ” but with incredible business and function.)

Naturally, if you have the world’s biggest Nike collection plus name is Jordan Michael Geller (yes, that’s their real title, and it also was handed to him time ahead of the baseball player strike the scene), you can’t n't have an entire wing of collection dedicated to Air Jordans. Geller states, “This is where sneakerheads drop their minds.” The ShoeZeum boasts 26 years of footwear through the Air Jordan signature line, a whopping 500 pairs.

Jillian’s arcade violation redemption countertop will today be transformed into a sort of Michael Jordan shrine.

The journey to having the world’s biggest Nike collection began during Geller’s second year of law college (yes, he’s also a legal professional), as he went along to a swap meet. Here, Geller met a vendor selling Nikes for $20 some. During the time, Geller had 0 to his title. He talked owner down seriously to moobs, got 20 sets, after that uploaded all of them on eBay. Their 0 changed into 0 in which he had been on his means. He utilized their earnings to get more footwear, offered them, re-invested his profits, etc.

Jordan GellerAlmost all the shoes inside collection were obtained, set by set, through individual expenditures on eBay.

As the Nike shoe collection is staggering, one of several real attempting to sell things of the brand-new downtown attraction is definitely Geller himself. His passion is infectious. He’ll be very hands-on as soon as the museum opens, explaining himself as a sort of “Nike Willy Wonka.”

Geller records, “whenever I regularly offer tours to men and women, to those who really knew whatever they had been evaluating, there have been instances when they had to sit down. We had to stop the tour given that it ended up being also visually stimulating.”

Exactly what do the people at Nike consider Geller’s collection? They’re huge fans. In reality, when a smaller sized type of the museum was at San Diego, the company’s CEO and innovative group travelled in from Beaverton, Oregon for a tour.

Geller states, “I think it's much like the means Kevin Costner’s personality in ‘Field of aspirations’ transformed a cornfield into a baseball industry. He built it along with his boyhood heroes arrive and play basketball. People are passionate about Nikes and activities and pop culture. All those things are grabbed by these footwear. My hope is that basically build this destination, people will come.”

One of the most remarkable facets of the Nike collection is the fact that even if you aren’t a “shoe geek, ” the sheer dimensions and scope from it causes it to be entirely interesting and inspires goosebumps.

At present, Geller has actually finalized a somewhat short term lease, unsure if the museum will remain downtown or if another location on Strip may be its ultimate residence. Our very first thought? Exactly what outstanding complement the Linq development task, exactly what with unique interest becoming paid to Gen-X and Gen-Y (ages 21-46) visitors. We’re only saying.

A microbrewery, Banger Brewing, is tentatively slated to go to the ShoeZeum area sooner or later, but it’s uncertain when that may occur, and most likely not before 2013. Therefore, for the time being, Geller is confident their life’s work will captivate and please downtown, incorporating another quirky draw to a rejuvenated downtown and Neonopolis.

Nike Nike Museum Jordan Geller Nike Museum Nike Museum vegas

Jordan Collection XX Nation 2009
Jordan Collection XXIII Nation 2009
Jordan Shoe Collection l NBA 2k15 l Hollow Swag
Jordan Shoe Collection l NBA 2k15 l Hollow Swag
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