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Also called their Airness, turns 53 today. Not just did he change the face of baseball, but he additionally impacted just what every kid has actually rocked on their feet since their increase to success over 20 years ago. Their talent and perseverance have prompted numerous after him to attain the stars too, that has just made the video game of baseball that a lot more enjoyable.

We celebrate their birthday celebration with 23 realities that just the many hardcore MJ followers would ever know.

1. The Miami temperature retired his number away from respect, although he never played in the team.

2. Growing up, he always preferred adidas to Nike.

3. In 1997, Jordan told InStyle he gets a manicure every 10 times and a pedicure once per month.

5. During a game of tennis, MJ clowned President Bill Clinton by saying, “You’re going to play from the young girls tees?”

6. He majored in Cultural Geography while at UNC.

7. He ate the same meal before each game: a 23-ounce steak, a baked potato, and a ginger ale.

8. During the 1997 NBA Playoffs, Jordan walked into Washington’s locker space with a lit cigar and requested Wizards players, “Who’s going to check always myself tonight?”

9. He found their trademark “tongue out” routine from his father, who had a similar quirk while performing mechanical work.

10. Jordan as soon as went up a $1.25M gambling debt in one single day's golf.

11. Regarding value for Nike, Jordan put an United states banner on the Reebok logo on their ’92 Olympic warmup suit.

12. He never actually had the flu during the “Flu Game.” His vomiting originated in a poor takeout pizza pie.

13. In 1989, MJ had a temporary local television show called jordan Airwaves.

14. He originally hated his first trademark shoes, calling all of them “devil shoes.”

15. Contrary to everyday opinion, he was never in fact slashed from their high school baseball team.

16. His original footwear deal with Nike was just worth $2.5M over 5 years.

17. He was the initial athlete in history to be a billionaire.

18. Whenever his shoes had been initially stated in 1984, they were solely for Jordan. They weren’t introduced to the public until 1985.

20. Michael Jordan donated his first year wage utilizing the Washington Wizards into data recovery work and victims’ categories of 9/11.

21. Michael Jordan’s closest friend could be the limo driver just who selected him up as he arrived the very first time in Chicago.

22. He was using New Balance sneakers inside initial Jumpman image.

23. Jordan features an Omega Psi Phi tattoo on their chest, which signifies the fraternity he joined while at UNC.

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