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What is a Michael Jordan cards worth?

99 jordan Upper Deck profession highschool99 jordan
Upper Deck Job

  • UNC College – there are numerous great cards featuring jordan in his University of new york university jersey. These cards are a must for collectors wishing to document the annals of the sportsman.Buy jordan College Cards

89 Michael Jordan
College Card

90 Jordan
College Card

  • Chicago Bulls – all Jordan cards feature him putting on the Chicago Bulls jersey. There are additionally a good amount of options to add a Chicago Bulls Game Used Jersey card towards collection nowadays.Buy Michael Jordan Cards

93-94 Jordan
Fleer Ultra
Rating Kings

89 jordan university Card98 Michael Jordan
Upper Deck Game Jersey Autograph

  • Chicago Bulls old-style jersey – Before the jersey we all know came into use the Chicago Bulls utilized a retro-styled jersey. Like, the 1984 celebrity and 1986 Fleer cards function Jordan within great old-school jersey.Buy Michael Jordan celebrity Co Cards
    Buy Jordan Rookie Cards

84-85 Jordan
Celebrity Co XRC

86-87 Jordan
Fleer Rookie Card

86-87 Michael Jordan
Fleer Sticker

  • All-Star Jersey – Jordan played in lots of Eastern Conference All Star games putting on the various jerseys. With all the high production of all-star cards it's very very easy to report Jordan’s all-star profession inside collection.purchase jordan all-star Cards

90 Michael Jordan College Card03-04 jordan
Upper Deck Die Cut All-Star
Buyback Autograph

97-98 Michael Jordan
Upper Deck Game Jerseys Autograph

  • USA Olympic Team – As an associate of 1984 and 1992 US baseball olympic groups Jordan wore the united states Olympic Jersey. You'll obtain a 1984 and a 1992 Jordan olympic card which features Jordan in this jersey.Buy jordan Olympic Cards

84 Jordan
United States Of America Olympic

91-92 Michael Jordan
Skybox United States Of America Olympic

  • Birmingham Barrons Baseball – Upon their very first your retirement from NBA Michael Jordan played when it comes to Birmingham Barrons minor-league Baseball Team. There are great cards around documenting this sojurn of Jordan’s profession.
    It must be noted additionally that Jordan played when it comes to Scottsdale Scorpions however We haven’t had the oppertunity to track down any cards up to now featuring Jordan playing for team.Buy Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

94 Jordan
Fleer Professional Cards
Baseball Barons

94 Jordan
Classic Baseball Barons

  • Washington Wizards – After getting involved in the Washington Wizards, after their second pension, Jordan spent a few days playing the group. There are some excellent cards featuring him inside jersey including game utilized jersey cards.Buy Michael Jordan Wizards Cards
93-94 jordan Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings 98 jordan Upper Deck Game Jersey Autograph 84-85 Star Co Michael Jordan XRC 86-87 Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie Card
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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Player Ratings - Sapphire Michael Jordan
NBA 2K15 MyTeam Player Ratings - Sapphire Michael Jordan ...
Michael Jordan cards part (1of2)
Michael Jordan cards part (1of2)
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