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Michael Jordan Card that are Worth Money

top ten Most Valuable jordan Cards2000 Ultimate Collection Signatures Auto Super 1/1

Adding a geniune signature sometimes decreases the value of a sports card, but this is rarely the way it is when the manufacturer adds the signature prior to the card gets into the pack. Even though it isn't the only Jordan autograph card available, it was one of the primary. The company just produced 25.

1998-99 Steel Universe Championship Platinum Gems (PMG)

The 97-98 cards numbered to 100, nevertheless 98-99 card only numbered to 50. Its these types of an unusual card that collectors purchase unopened boxes hoping to see a PMG jordan in one of the packages. The card functions Jordan in the center of a jump store on a gold foil background.

2013 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Master Collection PMG

Piggybacking from the success and popularity of the PMG cards through the 90s, SkyBox released retro variations for the cards through the 08-09 period. This release fostered brand-new curiosity about PMG cards, and continue to be well-known by 2015. Collectors and investors often pay a premium the 2013 cards, of printed in separate color works of 100. Like 98-99 PMGs, just 10 of those function green foil.

1997-98 Fleer Jambalaya

Featuring a couple of 15 cards inserted at a rate of just one every 720 packs, an enthusiast's likelihood of scoring a Jordan Jambalaya fresh out of the pack remains small. Other cards from the exact same ready featuring various other players, like Kobe Bryant, frequently offer at under one half as much as the Jordan card.

1997-98 Topps Embossed Die-Cut Gold Refractor

there are numerous variations regarding the Jordan refractor cards, however the most valuable one of those all is the 97-98 embossed die-cut gold refractor card. The exact same card sells for less with regards to lacks the die-cut function. Topps produced just 74 of the die-cut cards.

1998-99 Fleer Tradition Playmakers Theatre 9

Still another serial numbered Fleer place coveted by collectors, Fleer limits the Playmakers Theatre Jordan card to a print run of only 100. You can find rarer cards, however, many collectors find the Playmakers Theatre cards aesthetically appealing.

1986-87 Fleer Jordan Rookie Card 57

As uncommon while the cards on this record tend to be, many are from modern place units. Jordan's base set rookie card however commands large costs. Of the 5, 500 cards that Beckett Grading providers rated, only three types of Jordan's novice card attained a rating of BGS 10 or "pristine."


2003-04 Upper Deck Combo Jersey Autographs LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Upper Deck introduced autograph cards, jersey cards, and combination cards throughout the late 1990s. Collectors hardly ever have a chance to buy a combo card featuring jersey swatches and autographs from two legendary players. The time period of 03-04 in addition is Lebron James's novice 12 months.

1997-98 Upper Deck Jersey Car Jordan GJ13

Collectors look at this the first Jordan card featuring both an autograph and a game made use of jersey swatch. The card appears in only one out of every 55, 000 packages, and just 23 of them saw production. If a collector happens to find one on the market, the price tag often exceeds compared to a whole new automobile.


1997-98 Metal Universe Platinum Gems Michael Jordan 23 /100

The skinny with this card is Skybox just printed 100 of these. The very first 10 cards, referred to as PMG vegetables among collectors, feature green foil. The purple version constitutes the balance regarding the set, with only 90 of those printed. Both versions command high costs from rich enthusiasts and people.

Discover Michael Jordan cards, start with searching the basketball card directories on e-bay. Remember that graded and slabbed cards command higher rates than natural, unslabbed cards. Upon finding a suitable card, see the vendor's information very carefully assuring it will be the card needed seriously to complete the collection. Eventually, complete the exchange according to the seller's directions. After finishing the acquisition, wait a few days the card to arrive when you look at the post, and ideally the collection is total.

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Card Collecting : How Much Are Basketball Cards Worth?
Card Collecting : How Much Are Basketball Cards Worth?
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