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Michael Jordan draft number

1984 or 1996? Now that the very last energetic player from '96 class is retiring, let's have an enjoyable discussion.

Whenever Kobe Bryant retires after this season, which will shut the book on 1996 NBA Draft class, assuming anything crazy does not take place like Ray Allen returning.

Both courses are superb in their own way. The '84 course is full of Hall of Fame star energy at the top of the draft, whilst the '96 course could have some Hall of Famers and boasts solid depth.

So who gets the advantage right here?

Celebrity Energy

The '84 class features the one and only jordan at #3, therefore having him alone tends to make this a notable draft. But other most readily useful players ever had been additionally selected within year.

Hakeem Olajuwon, which won two titles using the Houston Rockets, two Finals MVPs and another regular-season MVP, moved # 1 overall. Olajuwon is 10th on the NBA's all-time rating number, 13th in rebounds, first-in blocks and 8th in steals.

Charles Barkley (#5) and John Stockton (No. 16) will be the other two Hall of Famers within draft. (Technically, Brazil legend Oscar Schmidt counts as a third, but he never ever played into the NBA.) Barkley and Stockton never won titles, nonetheless they both made their particular markings as two of the finest players previously. Barkley averaged 22 and 12 for their job, while Stockton could be the NBA's all-time assists and steals leader.

The '96 course is not without its stars. Bryant is undoubtedly the biggest of those all, and he's arguably the second-best player between these two classes behind only Jordan. Allen Iverson had been the top choose that 12 months, and many give consideration to him becoming the "pound-for-pound" most readily useful player ever. Iverson is a little polarizing, though, along with his poor effectiveness diminishes their achievements in the eyes of some. Ray Allen (number 5) and Steve Nash (No. 15) would be the two various other sure-fire Hall of Famers in this team. Allen made probably the most three-pointers in league history and Nash is 3rd all-time in assists.

But while a quartet of Kobe/Iverson/Nash/Allen is impressive, that merely doesn't endure to Jordan/Olajuwon/Barkley/Stockton. The '84 course gets the clear advantage towards the top.


Just what the '96 class does not have truth be told there, it will make up for with good skill sprinkled through the draft.

Stephon Marbury (number 4) and Peja Stojakovic (No. 14) are borderline Hall of Famers. Marbury's case is undoubtedly bolstered by their amount of time in China, but despite his shortcomings, he was a dynamic NBA player for a long period before things moved south.

Marcus Camby (No. 2) never ever made an All-Star Game, but he was protective Player of the Year in 2007. Shareef Abdur-Rahim (No. 3), Antoine Walker (No. 6), O'Neal (No. 17) and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (No. 20) all made All-Star appearances. Derek Fisher (No. 24) never visited an All-Star Game, but he was a vital role player on five title teams which regularly hit huge shots.

There simply are not as numerous solid advantages when you look at the 1984 draft. Alvin Robertson (#7) won Defensive athlete of the season in 1986, had been a four-time All-Star and it has best steals average in league history. Otis Thorpe (#9) and Kevin Willis (No. 11) both made one All-Star look and each won a title. But no other people inside draft made an All-Star Game.

The '84 course had only seven All-Stars set alongside the 10 within the '96 class. If you count the undrafted Ben Wallace, who was simply eligible to be selected in '96, that quantity goes to 11.


The level through the entire '96 draft isn't any doubt impressive thinking about a 3rd regarding the first-round selections became All-Stars. Bryant is among the far better lace up the sneakers, while Iverson, Nash and Allen will all be Hall of Famers.

However, it's challenging argue contrary to the star energy when you look at the '84 draft. That year showcased four of the greatest 20 people of all time in one draft. The NBA is a star's league, so the '84 class gets the nod. Sorry, Jermaine.

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